Friday, September 27, 2013

The Power of Prophecy

You don't hear too much any more about the Mayan prophecy of 2012. I guess it didn't happen, huh? Or maybe we are still in its midst, with its unfoldment being a gradual process, a subtle transition and transformation, not only of earth energies, but the psychic energies of mind and culture.

That's the wishy-washy new age explanation. Sorry, it get's a bit old after awhile. I've been under its spell since the late eighties and early nineties, and while I am not opposed to esoteric explanations of reality, lately I am more attuned to theories that are either verifiable, or, at the very least, actually add value to my life. That is, even if it can't be proven, if it makes me feel better, or gives me a reason to live, than it's worth it, otherwise what's the point?

But prophecies, particularly those involving cataclysmic earth changes, golden ages, or end-of-the-world scenarios, are usually dismissed as being unscientific, because they are always being altered and postponed and reinterpreted to fit the expectations and imaginations of those entertaining them as real. For instance, regarding the Mayan prophecy: It didn't happen. Actually it did, but it just didn't turn out the way we thought it would, or maybe it's only been delayed. It is very subtle in the beginning, you could say that we are in the first stage of the great change, that is actually occurring during a ten to twenty year period of time. It's not that the great change would happen instantly on December 21, 2012, but rather it was merely an indicator, a sort of resetting of the clock, saying that from this day forward we begin anew, except that it will take us years to realize just how different we and our world have become.

But you see, the bullshitness of it is that the same could be said for any time in the entire history of the world. It's called life. Things change. Our world is in a continual state of becoming. People grow old and die, and new people take their place. The same goes with ideas. Though some ideas endure longer than others, whether or not an idea remains true, depends largely on the outer circumstances. The world changes. The earth changes. This is a normal aspect of life. It may seem shocking, after what seemed to be a long period of stability, when all of a sudden your old predictions and characteristics of normality are no longer valid, simply because the circumstances have changed. And so it may feel like the end of the world, but mostly this is because the world you took for granted as being unchanging is all shook up. It changed.

The Mayan prophecy is a myth, about death and rebirth and the normal cycle of change. The old world is destroyed, so that a new world may take its place. This world is both physical and mental. It is our physical environment and our consciousness in response to it. Although this destruction may not necessarily be total, it is enough to significantly alter the landscape and the weather, causing a redistribution of resources, destroying old cities and establishing new ones, with new cultures and new ways of thinking springing up in response to the new environment. Bla bla bla. In a nutshell.

Our inner world is a response to our outer world. If our environment changes, so do we. We can intentionally alter our environment, and our experience, to some extent. For instance, the choice to build a freeway, or a park, will significantly alter our perception of the same location; where one will be ugly and polluted and feel rushed, like you can't wait to get out of the place, and the other will be beautiful and healthy and feel relaxed, where you want to spend as much time as possible there. And other times the environment changes in a way that we cannot control, that to survive, we either adapt to it, or we perish.

Every year is different, each day is an opportunity for a fresh start, to go in a different direction, to begin anew. It's all a state of mind. Anybody can do it. But sometimes people need some motivation. If people believe that a certain day has special significance, or that change is imminent, that we are in fact entering the age of Aquarius, if enough people believe it they can actually make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it could also go the other way, where the power of prophecy can be creative or destructive, helpful or harmful. That if enough people believe that the end of the world is near, even if there is no scientific evidence to back it up, some wacko, or a group of wackos, could actually make it happen, you know, unleash a deadly virus, drop the bomb, etc. So you got to watch out for that.

Prophecies can become self-fulfilling with either good outcomes or bad outcomes depending on the prophecy. The fact is, without scientific evidence to it back up, why would anyone make, or take seriously an end-of-the world prophecy? What is the value in it, especially if you can't stop it? Why the focus on death and destruction and calamity? When you could see instead a golden age of transformation, creation, and innovation? Of good times on the horizon? Why the doom and gloom? Is it because some people have some secret suicidal death urge? Maybe that's the real reason why people go to war, to fight in wars that they do not personally profit from. Except they dress it up, call it Honor and Duty, give you a medal, and a coffin with a flag. But, in the case of the end of the world prophecy, rather than dying alone they want to take the whole world with them. It could also be due to a fear of death. Or a fear and hatred of life. That people think if they can take control of it, to determine when they die, when the world ends, it is less to fear, because it was there choice? That's kind of sick though.

How open are you to change? What is possible? What is necessary? Why is there an endless state of war and violence and oppression and injustice? People cheating other people, taking what they want at someone else's expense. It's un-evolved, you say. People are such Neanderthal brutes. Rapists. Liars. Cheaters. Barbarians. Adulterers. Warmongers. Arrogant. Greedy. Superficial. Petty. Backstabbers. Obsessed with things that don't really matter, things like sports, celebrities, gossip, even political news junkies, yeah you people need to get a life, wake up and smell the coffee, it doesn't matter. I don't know what's happening to television news these days, has it always been this bad? that when I turn on CNN for a moment it seems like I have on the wrong channel, like instead of providing intelligent investigative journalism about stories that really matter, for a moment I think I'm watching Entertainment Tonight or something. It's more like frivolous entertainment, than education. I'm really sick of it. But I'm not going to get into another anti-TV diatribe. I'm already upset that they took off C-SPAN from basic cable, and I cannot get it without a digital cable box.

But anyway, sorry, I'm getting a bit off track here.

As far as prophecies go, I see absolutely no sense at all in worrying about or becoming fixated upon end-of-the-world prophecies, particularly if there is no scientific evidence to support them, and no way to stop them if in fact they are true.

The only value they do have, is to remind us of our own mortality, that things do not stay the same, but can and will change over time. This means that things will change for the better, which can be a source of hope and strength to plan for a better future. But it also means that things will, eventually, at some point, change for the worse, which means that you shouldn't take anything for granted. That we do not have all the time in the world to get things right, that we should not postpone living our lives and being true to ourselves, and that if you have ideals, now is the time to live them, not later.

The best you can do is to be optimistic, to try to be prepared, and observant of the world around you, noticing little problems before they become big problems, so that you may alter your course if need be before it becomes impossible to do so. But also know that some things are so powerful that they are completely outside of your control, and that no matter how prepared and observant you are you may not be prepared enough.

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