Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walkabout September

We had some very heavy rain come through here yesterday, some of it during the daytime, but most of it came in late last night, fortuitously while I was sitting out on the patio, as I usually do, between eleven and midnight. I had actually been sitting out there for probably about twenty minutes before it started raining, and the storm was pretty much a complete surprise. I mean I knew something was coming, but didn't know when, or if I would be lucky enough to catch it before I went to sleep.

It was so awesome, and instead of just having one beer outside, I had two to celebrate the occasion. We had a torrential down pour that lasted at least half an hour, with heavy wind, thunder and lightning, and some flooding, with pretty much a river of water flowing between my building and the building next door. In other words, it was great! You know, it cooled down into the 60s and it didn't feel cold in the least bit, but was actually extremely comfortable. With the humidity and rain it felt like the most ideal weather conditions I had experienced in a long time. I also have to say that thunderstorms are probably the most exciting and invigorating natural event I know of, and is far more entertaining than anything invented by humans, even better than the best book I ever read, and you know I love books, so that compliment carries a huge amount of weight. Which means that if I were to pick an ideal place to live, it would have to be somewhere that get's a lot more rain and thunderstorms than we get here.

Well anyway, I went for a walk today down by the wash, something I haven't done for probably a couple of months now. I figured with all the rain we got last night there's bound to be water down there, a whole river of it, and I was right. So here are some pictures from today, taken along my 3 mile walk down to the wash.

Picture 1: The wash on the right is higher than the wash on the left, and the water flowing down creates sort of a mini rapids effect, and that's what you see here. It sounded like a raging whitewater rapids. It was very loud, but like music to my ears, kind of like a water fall, too. It was spectacular.

Picture 2: The obligatory self-portrait.

Picture 3: Amazing, just a couple of months ago it was bone dry.

Picture 4: This part the wash, on my way back up to the road home, was completely dry.

Picture 5: Lot's of pretty clouds today.

Picture 6: More clouds.

Picture 7: Great view. That's the Catalina Mountains.

Picture 8: Windmill.

*This was post 5 of 20, part of my 20 Posts in 30 Days challenge. I'm slightly behind schedule, but I'll catch up, that you can count on. Still, I'm not doing too bad, considering that I've already posted more in these past ten days, than the entire preceding month. So, things are definitely looking up. Could this be a signal of the revitalization of this blog? Maybe. Or it could be the grand finale before the end. Hard to say, but it could go either way. You'll just have to stay tuned to see what happens. 

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