Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Free Will Freak Show

I shouldn't lurk on Facebook, finding out things about people from my past that I wouldn't know otherwise. I don't even have a Facebook page, and refuse to get one, but some of my family members are on there, and some of my family members attended the same high school as I did, and so via their friends list, I've found people I used to know, friends, classmates, teachers, neighbors, acquaintances, and coworkers from my hometown.

I shouldn't lurk, I've found out things about people I don't want to know. And once you know it, you can't un-know it. It's with you always. Sometimes I just want to pull the plug. No more Facebook. No more blogs. I enjoy writing, so I can't entirely pull the plug from this blog, not yet, but in some ways lurking seems a bit unhealthy. You find out things sometimes that don't really concern you, that you have no business knowing. It's like, you get to know people without really knowing them, and then maybe you make judgements about them behind their back. Well, whatever, don't feel bad lurkers, without you, hardly anyone would be reading my blog, and then maybe I would be less inclined to write.

Anyway, while lurking on Facebook, the big shock of the day is that my old high school homeroom teacher, the one who has a PhD in physics, one of my favorite teachers in high school, has become a woman. Okay, I don't know if he actually had the surgery, but he's been dressing as a woman now for a few months, and when I say woman, I mean in an over the top "Tootsie" sort of way, with padded bra, wig, skirt and blouse, high heeled shoes, lipstick, goes by another female name, and has also been attending gay pride rally's and posting the pictures on Facebook. Okay, this person is pushing 70, was married to a woman, has adult children, and as far as I know wasn't gay at the time that I knew him.

Not that I have a problem with it, I mean a person can dress however they want, even if they want to walk around wearing a gorilla suit, and play out that role, doesn't really effect me in any way. I mean, I do find it strange, but I can accept it, and am not going to stand in their way, but in my own personal opinion I would say that I am opposed to gender reassignment surgery, think it is a crazy thing to do, because regardless of what a person looks like on the outside or feels like on the inside, a man who thinks they should have been born a woman, a woman who thinks they should have been born a man, and undergoes a sex change operation, physiologically speaking, they will always be the sex they were born; no amount of genital modification is going to change that, and it is foolish to think otherwise.

What's next, racial modification surgery? White people who wish to be black. Chinese people who wish to become Scandinavian? A black man, who believes he is a blond haired, blue eyed Swedish woman trapped inside? I mean really, what's to stop it from going there? Absolutely nothing. It's crazy.

Like I said, I'm not going to stand in a person's way from doing that. I'm not going to discriminate against them or be mean to them, or reject their friendship because of it, but it is just my personal belief that when it comes to matters of biology, people should just accept themselves for who they are, and not try to artificially change their body into something it was never meant to be. Which means, so what if you are a feminine man or a masculine woman; a man wants to dress like a woman, or a woman wants to dress like a man, fine, but thinking that changing your genitals is really going to change you into the other sex, when that change is only cosmetic, is insane.

Plus there's health problems associated with it, with the medication they take, for men to grow breasts, and women to grow beards. Because the surgery itself is not enough. These people have to be on medication for life, otherwise they'll start reverting back to looking like their old selves. And when that happens, the jig is up, they find themselves faced with the very unpleasant reality that their body has been irreversibly butchered. Maybe things can be put back to some extent, but there will always be scars, they'll never be the same, it's like a tattoo that can never be removed. I haven't researched the matter, but I wonder if there has ever been anyone whose had a sex change operation who regretted it, who wanted to go back. Wonder how that worked out for them.

Well, don't know if my teacher actually had the operation, or if he's just a cross dresser, but let's just say it was one of the biggest shocks. Never saw that one coming. Never. I mean, never in a million years. I wonder if he would think I am narrow minded for my opinion of sex change operations? Well, anyway, regardless of that, regardless of opinions, or issues of morality, I think the health concerns speak for themselves, of why it's not a good idea. But, just as a person is free to smoke cigarettes, a man is free to become a woman, even if it kills em. And that's just the way it is.


del said...

A guy where I work switched to being female a couple years ago. I don't know if he had the surgery or not, but he looks and acts female to me, although to be honest "she" is kind of a homely woman now. He wasn't gay and has a wife and kids and hangs out with the same group of male friends as before. It was very strange at first and I thought it'd be weird interacting with this person who I'd known for years who suddenly changed his name and started dressing as a woman, but it wasn't. The toughest part was actually remembering to call "her" by a new name and use the right pronoun. I don't really think of him as being female, but rather an odd kind of in-between gender, if that makes any sense.

The way I see it is that it's hard to be happy in this world, and if switching sides helps you to be a happier person and you're not hurting other people then more power to you. There are health risks to it (as you said) but it's their risk to take and maybe it's worth it to them. Maybe, in some ways, they have it easier than the rest of us because they *know* what will make them happy. That's my two cents on this topic, anyway.

Cym said...

Yeah, I guess. A man married to a woman, who becomes a woman, and live together as married lesbians, is pretty damn strange. But, if that's what makes them happy, then I guess that's all that matters.

I still do think it's crazy, but at the same time I also admit it's really none of my business.

Yet, keep in mind, this blog sometimes is used as a space to explore things that aren't any of my business; a place to vent, to explore my beliefs; just me thinking out loud. I find it personally helpful to myself, and that's why I do it.

del said...

Oh, there's no doubt about it: it's pretty damn strange. But relatively harmless, consenting adults and all. And from what I can tell, "she" is a good mother... err... father... and the kids seem okay with it.

And yep - it's your blog to write as you wish. If us readers don't like the topics you choose then we're free to vote with our mice and click on out of here. I've learned some interesting stuff here over the years, mostly agree with your positions, and appreciate your posts and that you leave comments open so there's a chance for a dialog.

Cym said...

Has it really been years? If you don't mind, I'm kind of curious, how did you find my blog? Was it from Brandon? Someone else's blogroll, or a random Google search? Indulge me please, inquiring minds would like to know.

del said...

I found you through Brandon's old blog, probably the blogroll, but maybe a comment you left there.

Cym said...

Thanks for answering. It's good to know.